My “studio” is the world at large.  Because I prefer to use natural light, I have the flexibility to shoot almost anywhere.  I will either meet you at your home or in an outdoor location of your choice (within the Richmond area).  If the weather is less than ideal, or if you would prefer a more structured environment, I do have studio backdrops available. When I schedule the session, I will chat about what type of images you’re looking for and what you’d like to accomplish during our session.   Generally sessions take 1 – 1 1/2 hours, depending on the number of people involved and their ages.  I like to work at a relaxed pace and enjoy the time I spend getting to know my clients!



Families and Children

  • I really encourage full family sessions.  I know adults are hesitant to get in front of the camera, but images of the whole family together are priceless.  Our sessions are very informal, relaxing and fun so that I can capture all the love and silliness that comes with being a family!  I build in time for breaks and snacks so that the atmosphere stays light and everyone is happy; I like to let families interact and play, capturing them as they are and then mixing in some posed shots that will compliment the candids. I like to photograph children individually and together, to capture the parents together (because most families have lots of pictures of the children, but not as many of Mom and Dad, especially together!),  shoot natural pairings of Mom and the children and Dad with the children, and of course, grab some family shots.    While I am happy to provide direction, I also follow your family’s lead ~ the mood will definitely show up in the final images!!  There is plenty of time for snacks or drinks and breaks, even outfit changes if desired.  I strive to get great images, but also to leave the family with a fun and happy memory of the session as well.  From the Heart's goal is for you to walk away with custom portraits that truly represent this precious time in your life.
  • I love kids!  A full portrait session can be of just your children, trust me, they will keep me busy.  Shots of the children together and individually, at play, and a bit more posed ~ I like to photograph little ones in their element so that I'll get relaxed smiles, sweet expressions and genuine personalities.  I always take my time and follow the pace of the children because that perfect shot is always worth waiting for!

New Arrivals and the First Year

  •  Newborn sessions are magical.  They will take place in your home, ideally within the first two weeks of a baby’s arrival (for sleeping baby).  While that time is typically hectic for parents, it’s the best opportunity to capture the unique “newborn~ness” of the baby.  I will bring everything needed for the shoot and promise to make it as relaxed as possible for the parents.  Newborn sessions may take longer than a typical photo shoot as I allow plenty of time for feedings and changes.
  •  As every pregnancy book will tell you, babies change so much in the first year of life!  This package offers the opportunity to capture those exciting milestones at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.  Each phase has its own darling characteristics but they just pass by so quickly!  At each stage, I'll meet for a mini-session, which lasts approximately an 30min, and then, at one year, we’ll do a full session.  This package may also be combined with a newborn session or a maternity session, just ask us for details.

Senior Portraits

  •  I love seeing young people transition into adulthood….a bitter-sweet moment for Mom and Dad.  Though your teen may feel more like an adult, getting in front for the camera can bring out the inner shy child.  I encourage utilizing  “natural surroundings”  such as places they choose or feel comfortable in. These very special smiles, from your child,  may hang on your walls for years to come.

Mini-session (when special promotions are available)

  • Throughout the year, I do run mini-sessions.  Typically these sessions last about 30 minutes and generate 10-15 images.  I like to offer these promotions in the spring, fall and winter holiday time!


  • I am available to photograph your special events like birthday parties, graduation parties and family reunions.  It can be so much easier to have From the Heart capture these special moments so that you are free to relax and enjoy the party!  When you book this type of session, I'll discuss whether you would like some organized group shots mixed in with candids of the events or if you would prefer a purely photo~journalistic record of the day.

Headshots and Business Marketing

  • In the age of social media, headshots are important.  These images should speak about who you are in a fun, yet professional way. The same goes for your website, blog, brochures, and more. These images should make your clients connect with you.